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What is Your Ultimate Disease Fighting Weapon?
Do you want the ultimate disease fighting weapon?

It can take on viruses and bacteria no matter how many times they mutate. This amazing weapon even fights off mutant cells, foreign items and cancer cells. The real fact is: you already have this weapon at your disposal right now, and it is your own immune system. Your immune system is made of multiple parts and is highly complex and sophisticated. It’s also your best line of defense against threats like viruses and bacteria that would otherwise destroy your cells. It battles many intruders every day as you go about your normal routine. You don’t even notice as it fights off threats to your health, that’s just how powerful it is.

Immune Booster Tips Chia Sidebar With health scares like the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu H1N1 and cold / flu season in general, plus antibiotic resistant bacteria surfacing each year it’s important now, more than ever to be protected. No one else is able to defend you from disease, so it’s important that YOU take every action you can to stay safe this season, and every season.
Safe Actions Tip 1 Star First – Take safe actions.

Washing your hands frequently (the soap doesn’t even have to be anti-bacterial, remember, viruses are different than bacteria—but either one will

slide off when you use soap.) especially before you eat, prepare food, apply makeup or use your tooth brush. Other safe actions include NEVER covering your mouth/nose when you sneeze or cough with your hand…ALWAYS use your elbow instead. Germs are spread most easily through other people touching them, and then touching their face or their food. Your elbow rarely touches other surfaces throughout your day. Getting enough sleep is also a safe action, as when your body has enough rest, it is better able to fend off problems.
Power Up Immune System 2 Star Second –Power up your immune system

Like all parts of the body, your immune system needs fuel to run on. There are several easy ways to help boost your immunity, and none of them are

expensive or dangerous. Have you heard negative reports about flu vaccinations? Like that they could contain too much mercury (mercury is a toxic heavy metal but it is sometimes used as a preservative agent in vaccines.) Whether you get vaccinated for the flu every year or not, your immune system needs to be in top shape. The flu vaccine only works for the flu, a cold can still make you feel miserable. The first way is by supplementing with vitamins. Vitamin C is the most popular immunity booster, and even though it’s found in foods you may like, such as oranges, kiwis, and other citrus fruits it’s still a good idea to supplement with it to ensure you get at least 1,000 mg per day.
Vitamin C is water soluble, so it is hard to get ‘too much’. Vitamin D is another big immunity booster. Your body can make it if you’re exposed to 15 minutes of sunlight each day…but what if the sun is weak, it is cloudy or you just can’t find the time? It’s simple and cheap to use Vitamin D3 pills. These pills are tiny, about the size of a piece of corn and are so inexpensive, it can be under 5 cents a day to use it. The research on Vitamin D is so important that Canada is even recommending it to the population to help prevent against swine flu.
Why would Canada recommend it first? Your latitude matters! In the far north & far south, the sun's rays are less powerful. People wear more heavy clothing. They don't get as much of a chance to make vitamin D. You can also get your D level tested at the doctor's office if you like. Common studies find lots of people are deficient in this nutrient.
Increase your over-all health 3 star Third – Increase your over-all health

When your body is in good shape, your immune system isn’t distracted by pre-existing problems. The best ways to increase your health include getting enough sleep each night, avoiding as much stress as possible, and consuming a diet of healthy foods. Eating maximum-health foods like fruits,

vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean free-range meat can really help you out. Not only do they give you more energy for your day, but they provide the nutrients your immune system needs to help keep you safe. These nutrients also include trace minerals (items you only need a tiny amount of, but that are important none-the-less!) Trace minerals include selenium, boron, magnesium, copper and zinc. Leafy greens, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits get these from the soil and deliver them to you.
Anti-oxidants like anthocyanin (the pigment that gives dark-colored plants their vivid hues) help stop free-radical damage. Free radicals cause damage to cells by taking an electron away from a healthy cell. They are unstable, so they 'steal' electrons and cause damage. Anti-oxidants have a spare electron they can give away freely without damage. This nullifies the free radical. If a cell is too damaged by free radicals, the immune system will have to carry it away for disposal & it becomes another chore.
Where can you get anti-oxidants? Colorful fruits & veggies are a great place to start! Hint: The darker the color, the more healthy plant compounds there are likely to be. Purple plums, black berries, blueberries, red cabbage, beets & dark colored seeds like the black chia seed are full of anti-oxidants for you. Anthocyanins aren't the only ones, either! An internet search will easily provide you with tons of (difficult to spell) interesting plant compounds for you to read about.
Want to boost the nutrition of the foods you already like to eat?

No matter how healthy some foods are, you don’t want to eat them at every meal. Broccoli for breakfast? Bell Peppers for dessert? No one wants that. But what if you could boost the nutrition of foods you already like to eat? You could add calcium and boron to your oatmeal, yogurt or cereal for breakfast. You could add healthy omega-3 oil (usually found in fish) to your sandwich at lunch, without ever touching a fish. You could even add the same protein found in meats to non-meat dishes. Healthy foods can be made healthier. You can add nutrition to your 'treat' foods too!

The answer is the Chia Seed

It's the perfect addition, because it has no flavor of its own. However, they’re one of natures’ true super-foods. They have more calcium by weight than milk, more magnesium than broccoli and are packed with the same protein found in meat. (it’s complete!) They also are a good source of Omega 3 healthy oil and fiber to help your digestive health. Because the seeds don’t dilute flavors or even have a flavor of their own, you can add them to almost any food you already like. (It can be as easy as sprinkle & eat!)

When you take safe actions and boost your immune system with healthy foods and vitamins you’re much less likely to get sick. No matter how scary the news makes the latest health threat out to be, your immune system is your best defense. Keep it in top shape and you’ll feel better year-round!

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