Have you heard you can lose weight with chia?
It’s true! If you use these unique seeds in some specific ways, you can stop hunger at will, fight cravings, and feel full longer. Just eating chia randomly doesn’t usually amount to much easy weight loss. You have to use it in specific weight loss methods to get the desired effect.

Do you have a low-fiber diet?
If you know you’re low on fiber / not getting the daily recommended amount, chia is a great solution. HOWEVER, it is important to increase your fiber intake slowly to avoid digestive problems. Going from a very low fiber diet to a high fiber one can result in excess gas, feeling sluggish, or loose bowel symptoms as the digestive system isn’t used to handling a normal amount of fiber and doesn’t know what to do.
You also have to ensure that you are drinking enough water to go with the new, healthier amount of fiber. Water AND fiber work together to enhance, clean up & regulate your digestion. Fortunately, by introducing fiber slowly, and with plenty of water, you can avoid any of those problems and get back to smooth, easy digestion.

Chia Gel in a Spoon First:
Know how chia seeds work & use it to your advantage.
Chia is one of the top seeds for quantity of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is a type of fiber that plants use to absorb and hold onto water. Usually, you can’t see soluble fiber because it is so small and transparent. However, the chia seed has SO MUCH soluble fiber that it is visible to the naked eye when you wet the seed. See how the seeds are sitting apart from each other in this spoon?

That clear area around each seed isn’t plain water, it’s a soft gel made by the soluble fiber on the outside of the seed shell. Notice how the hydrated seeds in the glass take up more space than the dry seeds. That’s going to be the first hunger-busting key on this list.

Gel vs Dry Chia Glass Compare Photo
These 2 glasses have the EXACT SAME amount of chia seeds in them. The glass on the left has hydrated chia. The glass on the right has only dry chia. All the extra 'substance' you see there on the left is pure water & soluble fiber.

Chia is the only edible seed that’s going to give you 9 times the quantity of gel when you hydrate it with filtered water. It also has plentiful insoluble fiber (that’s what you see as the seed shell) which also does a great job taking up space in the digestive system and helping you feel full. Remember: when you can’t digest something, your body can’t get any calories out of it. Neither soluble nor insoluble fiber is digestable for you.

Chia has the hunger fighting power you can actually see! The glasses above are a perfect illustration of how it can work for you.

Hunger Fighter Number 1
Use Hydrated Chia Seeds in a glass of water 15 to 20 minutes BEFORE a meal
Don’t want to be tempted to eat too much at meal time?
Sabotage your appetite with chia gel. Try a tablespoon or two of gel in a glass of cold water about 15 to 20 minutes before a meal. You have to do it that far ahead because the stomach signals the brain “there’s food here” or “I’m full” with a chemical, rather than a nerve-based signal. Chemical signals inside the body are slow, so giving the signal time to work is important.

You feel less hungry because the body has to treat the gel as a solid/food, and can’t just rinse it away like plain water. However, because you can’t digest soluble OR insoluble fiber, and water adds no calories to your day, these 3 components of chia gel don’t even count as a snack. When you use this method, you’ll have to figure out how much chia gel in the glass of water is right for you. Is it 2 tablespoons, or do you need more?

Hunger Fighter Number 2
Use hydrated or dry chia seeds in the meal to fill up faster
Insoluble fiber takes up space in the digestive system. It is responsible for helping food move smoothly through the intestines. When food has more fiber, you’re more likely to feel full faster. Adding chia to a meal can make it more filling. Because chia has no flavor, you can add it to almost anything you already like. However, the amount needed to feel full “faster” (as in, you wouldn’t want a second helping, or making it easy to refuse dessert) is different for different people. Because chia is so easy to sprinkle on, or mix in, it is also easy to experiment to find the amount that’s right for you.
Various Chia Foods Photo Strip
Each of these foods has chia in it. Do you see the seeds? Will you taste the seeds? The answer to both is "no". Chia is great because you won't notice its there. You can't hate it because it has no flavor, and does not disrupt the flavor of foods.

Number 3: Snack Buster

Getting hungry before lunch? Want to snack before dinner? Chia seeds have you covered here too. You can mix up a quick solution with a glass of (Fresh, non high fructose corn syrup) fruit juice or a cup of tea with chia gel in it. The juice can quiet down a sweet tooth while the gel makes the drink act more like a snack in making you feel full.

You can also make a chia “quick shot” by adding 100% juice concentrate to several tablespoons of gel.

Chia quick shot textured beverage... save money making this fruity treat at home.
This makes a small textured beverage with an intense flavor like the photo above. Flavor and fullness are both a factor in snacking, so experimenting with different juices, combinations & textures is important. Sweet or sour, tropical or fresh, which one satisfies you? Everyone is different, so experimenting is a great idea.
Number 4: Cut Cravings

Cravings for foods are often caused when the body thinks it needs more of a certain nutrient that it isn’t getting. For example, a craving for fried foods like fried chicken or donuts could be caused by a lack of healthy oils. (So a craving for ‘just any oils’ is created) Eating a nutritionally balanced & diverse menu every day is the best solution for cravings. Chia seeds can be a part of this as well. They are loaded with omega 3 healthy plant oils. This is the plant version of the healthy fish oil you read about in articles and supplements.  However, the omega 3 in chia has no fishy flavor…or really, any flavor at all. The oil is also kept fresh by naturally occurring plant anti-oxidants within the seed.

Another factor in cravings could be the bacteria that live in the digestive system.
The good ones are called probiotics. The good bacteria help break down foods so you get more nutrition. They don’t produce harmful byproducts & they help stamp out the bad guys. However, bad bacteria DO produce unhealthy chemicals and some of those can create cravings. (Remember how the "hungy vs. full" singnal mentioned above needs time to work because it is a chemical signal? These bacterial byproducts can imitate chemical signals, creating cravings.) Feed your probiotics with prebiotics to keep them (and you) healthy. Soluble fiber is a prebiotic. You may not be able to digest it, but good bacteria can. Feeding the good bacteria can create a change surprisingly quickly. Sometimes, even within 24 hours.

Now that you know the main chia seed weight loss methods, will you put them to work in YOUR life?

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