Privacy Policy of the MySeeds Chia Site
The privacy policy here is pretty simple!
We don't collect your information secretly, or track you after you leave the site. We don't have any affiliated sites to share data with.

The one area we do collect 1 piece of information at is the MySeeds Recipe of the Month Club Mailing List.
This is an automatic recipe sender that dispenses 1 all new recipe each month for as long as you like. It can be un-subscribed from at any time. You have to actually go to the page, read about it, and sign up to it to get onto the list. It collects only 2 pieces of information:

Email address (we have to know where to send the free chia recipes!)
Name (so we know it is not some spambot signing up to just everything to take the info)

This information is used only for the purpose of the mailing list. It isn't shared, rented or sold.

There are no outside ads on this site.
The site is 100% owned & operated by MySeeds chia. We don't use pop ups, pop unders or flyovers. When you browse here, it's just you & the interesting chia information on the website.

There are social media buttons on the site:
If you like social media, you're free to push any of the buttons to share the content. They're not automatic, you have to actually find them and push it while signed into your service of choice to get them to work.

This privacy policy can change. It was last updated July 22, 2014. Any changes to the policy will be updated here.

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