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Cooking Videos Chia Seed Icon Learn how to make all sorts of delicious foods even healthier with chia seeds!
These fun, informative videos will show you how to do everything from cutting half the fat out of your favorite baking recipes or adding an extra flavor-boost to your smoothies! You can watch the videos directly on the page, or see them on Youtube by clicking the links.

Some of the videos follow a recipe. If you want to try the recipe out for yourself, you can get it from our MySeeds Free Chia Cook Booklet.

Chia & Fruit Smoothies
Smoothies are a great addition to any menu. They're easy and fast to make, so you can enjoy one at breakfast, even if you're in a morning rush. When you add MySeeds Chia to your smoothie, it'll help keep you feeling full until lunch time. With fresh or frozen fruit, these can be enjoyed at any time of the year--and are packed with nutrients and delicious flavors!
Can you really make Kale (or your greens of choice, like spinach or collard) taste like a chocolate treat?
Yes you can, if you watch this video! In under 5 minutes, not only will it tell you how to make the drink, but also HOW it works--actually eliminating the flavors you don't want, & replacing them with the ones you do.

Enjoy a frosty glass of chocoalate for breakfast & you'll have more greens than a salad.

Do you think the smooth, rich taste of chocolate and raspberry is too decadent or difficult for breakfast?

This two-minute treat will change your mind. With real raspberries and lite yogurt it's not too sweet for the morning, and the Chia Seeds keep you full until lunch! So treat your body AND your taste right with this extravagant-tasting but easy smoothie!

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Chocolate Raspberry Breakfast Chia Smoothie

Don't think you have time to make something delicious and healthy? It's time to think again! With MySeeds Chia Seeds you can easily make this delicious fruit smoothie. Fresh or frozen fruit can be used--enjoy it any time of year.
It's also great for kids who don't like to eat enough fruit. The peach-strawberry taste combination is light and refreshing. It can be served for breakfast, snack-time or with dinner on a warm summer evening.

You can make this in less than two minutes in the blender, and the Chia Seeds help you feel full for hours while the peaches n' cream flavor satisfies. How easy is it? Just watch and see.

(Video has a surprise ending!)

Want a delicious wake-up call in the morning?

This bold, tropical smoothie is a real eye-opener. With vitamin C, healthy enzymes and the super-nutrition of MySeeds Chia Seeds it's never been easier to have a real healthy blast. If you can spend 2 minutes with the blender in the morning, you can enjoy this smoothie and stay full until lunch.

Smoothies are a super delicious and easy way to get your daily recommended amount of fruit servings. With this fruit-shake you get papain the healthy digestive papaya enzyme, magnesium, an essential mineral and, of course, all the benefits of Chia Seeds.

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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Baking with Chia Seeds - Cookies & More!

Watch How To Make Christmas Chia Chocolate Crackle Cookies in How-To  |  View More Free Videos Online at
Great for the holidays, or any time, these Chia Chocolate Crackle cookies are a real cocoa treat!

The fun little cookies can be made in two different ways. With powdered sugar they have a 'snowy finish' and with granulated sugar they have an 'icy finish'. The crisp crackling outside is a great contrast with the soft fluffy interior.

These cookies are easy to make, and kids can help out rolling the dough into balls, then rolling it in the choice of sugars. When you need a tasty batch of cookies that won't take up your afternoon, try some Chia Chocolate Crackles!

Of course, these have half the fat of normal cookies thanks to the addition of chia gel.

Chia Seed Chocolate Chip Cookies -How to Bake the Best with MySeeds - Watch a funny movie here
Chia Seed Chocolate Chip Cookies

The chocolate chip cookie is a real classic, and now you can bake a batch with half the fat!

These chewy chocolate chippers can be made in 3 fun sizes, all with the same batter. (you can't do this with most cookie recipes) The cookies always bake up super soft and chewy no matter which size you choose.

This video shows you how to make them, and if you want to try it at home, click this link for the recipe and photos too!

Chia Seed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Better For You Bonbons?

Yes, with The Cooking Ninja's "Stealth Health" technique demonstrated in this video, you can satisfy a sweet tooth or a chocolate craving in a better-for-you way. What's the surprise ingredient? Can you really make crunchy, coated chocolate bonbons in under four minutes? Find out with this Ninja cooking video.

Cooking With Ninja 4 - How to Make Brownie S'mores
Uploaded by DesignAction. - More lifestyle, fashion and how-to videos.
How did a ninja get in here?

This 'cooking show' features the Cooking with! Let the Ninja show you how to make a crazy and delicious brownie s'more in just about 5 minutes. With tasty swirling 'graham like' base and mega marshmallow chocolate topping this is a great dessert you won't want to miss.

While it uses chia seeds (half the fat still!) it's not low on sugar so consider this as you would a 'real dessert'. It may fill you up faster but it is no less sweet for your efforts.

Want to see more Cooking With Ninja? (You can print out the 'secret recipe scrolls' there too!)

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