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What do you want?

To stay feeling full through your day while not adding extra empty calories to your diet?

A food that can replace half the butter/fat in so many of your favorite recipes? (without altering taste or texture)

Age-defying anti-oxidants that help you fight maladies that are so common in today's society?

An all-natural, 0-caffeine, 0-jitters, 0-chemicals solution to rev up your energy levels?

A food that tastes like anything you want?

Or maybe you want...
More fiber, more flavor, more b-vitamins, more protein, more calcium, and more ease-of use!

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MySeeds Chia Seeds are here to help you get EXACTLY what you want, and more!
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Can you imagine a food so powerful that it can help you accomplish all of the above, and more?

Picture yourself in front of a colorful, delicious smelling plate of food. You're energized and looking foreword to this restaurant-style meal. You know you won't have to worry about eating too much or that it's unhealthy. You can relax and enjoy this incredible meal. Not only will the food be delicious, it will also be better for you than ever before. So what's the secret behind having this scenario come true for you?

Nature's superfood, the Chia Seed. There are so many reasons you'll love the Chia Seed! First, because it has no flavor of it's own, Chia is amazingly easy to add to your diet. You can add it to drinks or food, and instead of changing the flavor, it will enhance it. Chia Seeds take-on and distribute (never replace) the flavor of foods or drinks you add them to.

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Imagine how you'll feel...when you hear people comment on how healthy and energetic you seem. Imagine how easy it will be to pass up snacks when you're not hungry or craving food. The chia seed can help you with so many different health and nutrition or diet goals. Now, see exactly how these seeds work to help you accomplish your goals and see the results you're after!

What could YOU do with a health food that tastes like anything you want?

The Chia Seed is history's forgotten super-food. With origins in the ancient Aztec Empire, it was basically dismissed by the conquistadors and forgotten about, until today...and today it's ready to start a nutrition revolution!

So when you add Chia to your diet, you're improving both taste and nutrition with ease. You don't even need to add in a lot to get the benefits. Just 1 tablespoon per day is enough to give YOU more energy, more healthy vitamins, minerals, complete protein and more fiber. This is enough to give you an anti-oxidant blast that's more powerful than blueberries and blows away many of the health foods you may be eating right now. Plus, chia helps keep you feeling fuller for longer so you're not tempted to over-eat and snack cravings become easy to eliminate or won't occur when you're full already.

What are you trying to do for your health? 
You don't have to make these mistakes!

Trying to cut carbs to lose weight and get more energy?
Sure, carrying around less weight will result in higher energy levels but, anything that says you CAN eat bacon but not an apple (it has carbs!) can't be the best thing for you. Low carb diets sap your energy and force your metabolism to run in an unnatural way. You don't get a full spectrum of nutrients and your health can even suffer while your weight may go down for a while. Cravings and side effects make this type of diet almost impossible to keep.

Eating bland, "low fat" or some "health" foods from the supermarket?
If there are so many low-fat and no-fat items on menus and supermarket shelves currently, then why is the weight problem such an epidemic?
Did you know “diet” products containing too much artificial sweeteners can actually make people HUNGRIER because of the way your body processes the chemicals? That’s right, in some cases you’d be better off eating the FULL SUGAR (non ‘diet’) alternative, simply because you wouldn’t get hungry again as soon as you finished it. In stripping out the fat/cutting calories they also cut nutrition which you need to feel your best.

You've been told that losing extra weight will give you the life-saving boost you need so some people are willing to try starving, but it's NOT the answer. Starving yourself will only slow your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight or feel more energetic and healthy. Fueling your body with food and nutrition is the most important step you can take for your health.

Tired of spending way too much for boxed diet plans?
These old, pre-packaged foods are often less healthy than something fresh you could make in your own home for a fraction of the cost. Some of these plans may even be up to $500.00 /mo. for ONE person! You deserve to keep your cash, and your health!

It's more than just nutrition- The MySeeds Chia Seed is the only health food
you can
actually SEE working!
Diet pills, diet drinks and other chemical-loaded products may ask you to believe they'll work, but MySeeds Chia SHOWS you exactly how it works.
Dry Chia Seeds are Small Hydrated Chia Seeds form Chia Gel How does Chia Hydration work?
See the water on the spoon to the right? It's attached to the seeds and is difficult to remove.
See the difference between dry (left) and hydrated (right) seeds? Each seed now occupies a much larger area, thanks to its coating of water that has been absorbed by the soluble fiber on the shell of each seed. Click to see a larger version of this diagram and learn more about Chia Seed Hydration, for colon health, sports, digestive health and more.!
Why is MySeeds Chia a dieter's dream food?
When the seed is exposed to liquid (water, juice, soda etc) the soluble fiber on the outside of the seed-shell is activated. Each seed grabs onto more than 9 times its own weight in liquid, & holds it there. The liquid isn't easy to remove so your body treats it like a food--keeping you full like a food! The liquid coating (seen above) is removed slowly in the intestines, where it helps hydrate you and keep your digestive system moving smoothly & easily.
Chia Seeds are the only diet food you can actually WATCH in action! Just press play above to see so many ways that Chia can help you! Want to see more? We've got a whole library of chia videos.
Stop snack-attacks!
If you find yourself getting too hungry before lunch, or reaching for snacks in the afternoon, chia is your answer. You can add it to a bottle of water or your favorite fruit juice, and it'll keep you feeling full so you're not tempted to snack. When you eat food that has had chia added to it, (such as puddings, yogurt, salad dressing, cereal, oatmeal etc--the possibilities are endless!) it will also keep you feeling full longer than normal. When you're not hungry, you won't be tempted to snack!
But How Healthy Is Chia? Is it really for everyone?
What makes this so exciting is...Chia is NOT just for dieters! It's for
EVERYONE who wants better health & nutrition!

Magnesium – 15 times more than Broccoli
Calcium – 6 times more than whole milk
Omega-3 – nearly 9 times the amount found in Salmon
Fiber – more than flax seed & 2 times more than bran flakes
Iron – nearly 3 times more than spinach
Protein – more than soy
Unlike fish, MySeeds have NO CHOLESTEROL

But what if you have a health condition, or want to prevent one?
Diabetes- Lower your blood sugar and help keep it even!
Diverticulitis & Colon Health- 2 kinds of fiber give you double benefits!
Vegetarian worried about protein? Chia has complete protein!

The chia seed is the most nutritious seed.
It has more fiber than flax, and no plant estrogens, unlike soy. It is also loaded with age-defying anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help eliminate damaging free-radicals in the body so your tissues stay healthy.

It has ZERO side effects, and is 100% safe to eat. Even if you haven't heard of them before, they're FDA approved. They have no 'season' so you won't face pricy times of the year, and they cost UNDER 1 dollar per day to use. There are no preservatives or additives in MySeeds Chia. There are no jitters or hyperactive feelings. You will feel more natural energy through your day, as you increase your nutrition.

Chia is excellent for anyone who is pregnant. Pregnancy depletes valuable nutrients from the body such as protein and calcium. Chia can be used as an easy and safe way to replenish these.
Chia is also great for children, especially if you have "picky eaters" in the house. Omega 3 oil and magnesium may be an important part of their diet, but you know that when it's snack time kids don't reach for the broccoli and fish! Instead, give them food that's fortified with Chia Seeds. Remember: it will taste like whatever you mix it into! You can even get free fun chia seed recipes right now! (Plus, get a sneak peek at our chia recipe of the month club!) Want a hard cover chia cook book as well? You can get The Chia Seed Cook Book.

Don't just take our word for it...see what our customers have to say:
I've been using Chia seeds for a couple of months in order to lose some weight and increase my fiber intake as I have Diverticulosis. One day by pure coincidence I ate some Chia seeds in my yougurt about 45 minutes prior to going for a run....More Chia Testimonials?
Are Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Important to You?

If having steady, non-jittery all-day energy is something you'd like to enjoy, blood sugar is a key player. Cholesterol plays an important part in heart and artery health at any time in your life. Incorporating chia seeds into your diet can help with both of these issues. The combination of fiber inside and outside the seed slows the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars. This helps give you steady energy through your day, and helps to balance blood sugar. Omega-3, the healthy oil, and insoluble fiber help your body to lower cholesterol levels naturally.

Getting the right amount of fiber and omega-3 in your diet isn't always easy or delicious. (Tired of bran flakes? Don't want fish at every meal?) But with MySeeds, it can be! If you enjoy cereal, smoothies, yogurt or oatmeal in the morning, it's as easy as sprinkling chia into the food. If you like breads or muffins, you can bake the chia right in! The same goes for the rest of your meals. For dry foods like pizza, fruits, sandwiches with toppings or salads with dressing you can sprinkle the seeds on. For wet foods like pudding, veggie dip, dressings or sauces, you can stir in chia gel. You get all of the taste, and more nutrition! Just check the Chia Seeds Nutrition Facts

Chia Gel is a Super Value 9 to 1 ratio
Chia Gel- The Super Value
When chia seeds hydrate, they form "Chia Gel". This is the stuff that keeps you feeling full, keeps you hydrated, and starts dispensing healthy vitamins and minerals once you eat it. You can watch a video about how chia gel is made.
But did you know...
For every ONE tablespoon of chia seeds, you get NINE tablespoons of useful chia gel? That's how much liquid they absorb, a full 9x! You can use the chia gel as a substitute for butter in recipes (it won't alter the flavor!), use it as a calorie replacer in foods like salad dressings, or simply add it to your favorite foods or drinks. For healthy results, you only need 1 tablespoon of chia each day. So little can do so much, because of the amazing power of MySeeds Chia.
Do you have picky eaters? Nutrition for kids is easy with Chia Seeds!

Protein for Vegetarians & Attention: Vegetarian Men

Baking with Chia-All the taste half the fat! * Chia Seeds & Hydration

Save money dieting with chia seeds * Top 10 Benefits of Chia Seeds *

6 Ways Chia Helps You Lose Weight & Chia Photo Gallery
What is the biggest enemy to your health?

Don't you want to look and feel great as soon as possible? Don't assign some arbitrary future date or holiday as your time to "get healthy". NOW is your time to have more energy, get more nutrition and take charge of your body and your health! Don't wait because procrastination can so easily become ENDLESS.
Chia is just so EASY to use. Because it tastes like whatever you want, it's actually pleasant to experience, not something you want to avoid or that becomes a messy chore in your daily routine. You're adding it to food you already want to eat and it's keeping you full longer and boosting your energy levels. No matter what your goals are MySeeds Chia is here to help you accomplish them.

Wouldn't you rather be feeling great sooner than later?
When you order MySeeds Chia you'll have it within the week!
Pull out a calendar and circle the date 1 week from TODAY. If you order now, you'll ALREADY be on your way to greater health before the date you circled! How fantastic is that? That date is coming soon no matter what you do, so why not feel better by then?

"Wow.....I am really impressed by your thorough research and above all, your
care and consideration for a customer. I wish other American corporations
were so caring and considerate to their customers." M.A. California USA ....More Chia Testimonials?
MySeeds Product Bag Photo
Now that you know how chia can benefit you, you don't want just any seeds. MySeeds provides the highest quality MIXED black & white seeds for a full spectrum of nutrients. What other chia seed can provide you with the all-natural quality, the pure healthy mixture, and the value of MySeeds?

What will it be like with chia in your life? Which awesome new recipes will become your favorite from our free chia cookbooks? How much better will you feel when you are enjoying all the benefits of MySeeds?

Little stars left
"If you are GIVING away a cook book like that, I can't
imagine how good the one is that I get when I buy!"

You already know the benefits of chia seeds and what they'll do for you, but they can only help you if you actually USE them. With other chia, you get a bag of seeds and a pile of questions. Will they go unused in your cupboard? With MySeeds you get:

TWO free cook books--that's over 56 unique recipes! Preview our Exclusive Chia Book Now!
All-new free recipe every month (Full color all-unique PDFs! For as long as you like!)
INSTANT access to both cookbooks in PDF format as soon as you buy-no matter when you buy
Real customer support from real people over email or phone
OVER 30 1 tbsp dry Chia servings in every bag & every 1 dry tbsp makes 9 tbsp gel!

You can’t get that value anywhere but with MySeeds Chia. This is the kind of pure value that ensures you’ll WANT to use our seeds and you'll get the result you're looking for.

Little Stars
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Start enjoying the added energy, extra nutrition and all the other wonderful benefits of MySeeds Chia as soon as you can.

MySeeds is 100% dedicated to customer service and quality. When you buy from us you know you're getting full service. You can email or call at any time, to have your questions answered personally by real people. You can't get all this anywhere else at retail or on the web.

You've seen our videos, cook book, articles and information, you know our support and information is the best, so you know that our chia seeds are the best too. You deserve the best.

Obviously, you care about your health and the health of your family. The only decision left is, how much money do you want to save? Get MySeeds Chia right now to begin your healthier lifestyle!

Spring Into Warmer Weather With More Energy & Better Health!
What are your goals for summer fun? Get a jump on them now with the help of chia!
Bake, cook & look your best all year long with MySeeds Chia!
You get FREE priority shipping in the USA on all 3 lb orders. All other orders get priority fast shipping, without charging you extra.
Instant gratification! Get 2 FREE Chia Seed Cook Books as soon as you order &
see what you can do.
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