I've been using MySeeds, and just look at my cholesterol. It used to be 225! My doctor says he doesn't know what I'm doing, but 'keep it up'! This stuff is so easy to use, if you don't try it, then shame on you because there's nothing to lose. F.S. - Florida
You guys are great with your customer support! I also wanted to thank you for sending the seeds in a cost effective way!
That about hydration etc. all makes a lot of sense.
Thank you very much for your help! -
H.J Ph.D., CEO. in San Diego, CA
I love your videos and your chia seed hydration page, which I will be posting for student use.

Dr. Margaret Conover, Botanist, www.chiativity.org

The brochure was an unexpected personal touch of your product, & the packaging was very fancy!! I know the product is above standard & I will always order from you.
I can't wait to start using the wonderful recipes! Thanks again for all your information & superb customer service! R.S.G in Co.
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I've been using Chia seeds for a couple of months in order to lose some weight and increase my fiber intake as I have Diverticulosis. One day by pure coincidence I ate some Chia seeds in my yougurt about 45 minutes prior to going for a run. My run that day was stronger, faster and I ran an additional 4 minutes. I noticed that I did not get as tired & I recovered much faster.

With this information I decided to purposely eat Chia Seeds and really try this out. Needless to say I have increased my run from 18 minutes to 33 minutes and my pace is much faster. I am now sold. These little powerhouse seeds are
quite remarkable. I also must say the increase fiber has helped my Diverticulosis.
Thanks for providing such a useful and helpful product.


Doug DeLoach
Boca Raton, Florida

Thank You for the chia check-in, I appreciate your concern. I'm very impressed with your customer service.

I have downloaded the cookbooks, and have tried a few of the recipes; they were very good.  Chia seeds are a great product and I'm enjoying them.
N.T. in MA
"I have tried two of the receipes in the free cook book you have on line. First, the Chia Cocoa Brownie Dessert. It was really good. But I changed a couple of things I used carob powder,in place of the cocoa, and "Just Like Sugar" in place of sugar and I used canola oil in place of vegetable oil. They were very good and moist. My daughter and some of my grand children who like carob loved them. I thought they were so good.I told my daughter I was in heaven!

I also made The Super Cinnamon Chia Waffles. I also did something to these I used spelt flour and didn't put the cinnamon chips them. These also were so good!!!!!!! IServed them with butter and brown rice syrup. People who have blood surgar problems can use it, it doesn't shock the system because its so mild." L.A.S.

Thank you for the invaluable info and recipes that you send out each month.
My Chia Seeds are added to almost everything I make - it even travels with me! 
Thank you again.  Your same day reply was impressive and your info very much appreciated.

There is another reason for using Chia seeds in a drink - to help the medicine go down. 
For my daily intake, I combine 15 ml [1 tbsp] seeds to 450 ml [apx 15 fl oz] of water in a container and sip it all day.  As for my husband, he'll take it to get his tablets down.  Too easy ... now!  Thank you Chia Seeds
Darlene - Canada

Thank you...This is a recipe I can use for my kids...they have figured everything else out...but this is incognito :)

K.S. - USA

"Wow.....I am really impressed by your thorough research and above all, your
care and consideration for a customer. I wish other American corporations
were so caring and considerate to their customers."

M.A. - California USA

"By the way I LUV the website The ninja cooking was hysterical!"

Ellen - MA USA

"Thank you for your *extraordinary* efforts in correcting this postal issue. Thank you!"
BM - Midwestern USA

Chia Shaker Jar Idea Photo "The Chia Seed Shaker Jar"
We recieved this shaker jar idea & photo as a testimonal. Carolyn was fighting hunger between meals, and did not like to make from-scratch foods. Her solution was to place MySeeds into this shaker jar with large holes in its lid. She could then sprinkle chia seeds onto any food she already wanted to eat.
The chia stuck to the food & her hunger decreased. She began losing weight slowly, how she wanted.

"MySeeds in coconut water is my go-to snack because it is sweet and I feel full".