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Are You Paying More to Eat Less?
Weight-Loss Doesn't Have to Drain Your Wallet Too!
Save Money on Chia Sidebar So you’re dieting, you’re trying to lose weight.
But then why does it seem like if you’re trying to eat less and trying to weigh less, that you’re spending more and more? With meal plans, you’ll be spending 100s of dollars a month for the food and shipping. Diet pills can quickly add up too, especially when they’re mostly over $50 dollars for a bottle. The new trend in “Calorie Counted Packs” which are supposed to help you snack smart could cost more than just buying a whole box of whatever food you were after in the first place. It seems like there’s always a solution out there…but it costs more than eating ‘normal food’!

Why pay more to eat less?
When you have MySeeds Chia on your side you can eat less…for less! The secret of MySeeds is that they fill you up without draining your wallet. When you add these unique seeds to any food or drink you already like, they absorb 9 times their weight in liquid. They leave everything tasting the same, so you barely notice they’re there…while you receive the benefit of feeling full while eating much less food. After all, when they absorb the liquid, they become 9 times larger by gathering a bead of liquid on their outer shell.

Chia Gel is a Super Value
Look at the above illustration, just one tablespoon becomes 9 tablespoons of nutritious chia gel when you add filtered water! How much chia should you eat if you are trying to lose weight? As much as it takes for you to feel full when hunger strikes. Chia seeds are extremely safe and all natural. Every one pound bag has over 30 dry tablespoons of chia seeds.
But how does it all work?
MySeeds Chia Seeds are covered in a layer of soluble fiber. It is normally invisible to the naked eye, but you can see it when you add filtered water to chia seeds. This fiber reacts when you add it to liquid and forms a big bead of gel around each seed. This gel has the flavor of the liquid, while the seeds don’t have a taste at all—that’s how you can add them to nearly anything.
Your body cannot easily remove the gel from the seed. If you made chia gel with water, it gives 0 calorie water the 'texture' of food that your body has to work with, instead of just absorbing & using it like plain water. It stays on throughout most of the digestive process, only being removed and used to hydrate you while in the intestines. This handy trick keeps your stomach thinking you’re full…while all you really ate was a small portion of seeds and the drink of your choice.
How does Chia Hydration work?
Fiber has no calories because you cannot digest it or break it down to use for energy. Insoluble fiber is not digested at all. It sweeps food through the intestines. Soluble fiber can't be digested by your body, but it is digested by beneficial bacteria. These good bacteria (probiotics) in turn help make nutrients in your food more bio-available to you. They also help stamp out harmful bacteria. Feeding prebiotics (soluble fiber) to probiotic bacteria to keep them healthy is always a good idea for better digestion.

Specific Weight-Loss Methods Using Chia Seeds

There are specific ways in which you can use chia seeds to stop hunger & promote weight loss. By using chia to fight cravings, skip snacks, feel full longer & feel full faster at any meal, you can make it easier to lose weight. However, you have to use the seeds with these specific methods in mind. Find out how at Specific Chia Weight Loss Methods .

Chia Diet Savings Secrets & Statistics

What food company actually wants you to eat less food?
People eating less means people buying less…which is bad for the company’s bottom line. Studies have emerged that state the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas and low-calorie alternatives may actually lead people to eat more. Why? Your body recognizes that these chemicals are and non-nutritious (meaning they taste fine, but can't be broken down for energy). You don’t feel as satisfied, and you may even crave more food. It’s counter-productive on all levels. Artificial or pre-prepared foods are also more expensive. The more steps and chemicals that have to go into making something, the more it’s going to cost you.

What about these seeds then?
MySeeds Chia seeds require no preservatives, and are a 100% plant product. Nothing is refined out, and nothing is added in. These are all natural and all nutritious. In this case, nature does NOT need to be improved upon. So far, nothing has yet been made that matches the nutritional punch of these seeds. (Nature at it’s best!)

*With 23% complete protein (yes, the same as that is found in meat)
*6 times the calcium as found in milk by weight,
*and omega 3 oils that you would usually have to eat lots of fish to get...

They’re already hard to beat! When you add to that the fact that they can keep you feeling full PLUS the high fiber content that keeps you regular, you’ve really got a winner. Chia Seeds are also loaded with anti-oxidants, which act as a natural preservative, and are healthy for you to eat. The dry seeds will stay fresh for at least 2 years if kept in a dry place.

The economy will get better…but wouldn’t you like to –always- have some extra money to play around with? And for that matter, wouldn’t you like to always have better health? With over 30 servings in every bag (plus bonus servings to prevent ‘hungry-days’ or ‘snack attacks’) these Chia Seeds can help you accomplish your goals. At less than a dollar a day, they cost less than most diet pills, but unlike chemical concoctions, they’re safe and free of side-effects.

"With the ability to keep you feeling full, you won’t be tempted by expensive calorie-counting snacks or costly vending machine temptations."

(Remember, if you get a .75 cent snack or drink on only 340 days of the year, that’s $255 dollars! Most people spend more than 1 dollar getting a snack or coffee.)

It’s easy, inexpensive and delicious to lose weight and achieve better health when you go with MySeeds Chia Seeds.

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