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3 Colorful Chia Smoothies Photo How did Chia Seeds help me?
My story of MySeeds
In 2007, I discovered Chia Seeds and together with my family, decided to help everyone else discover them too.
First, we read about them online in an obscure mailing list for other health issues. When local stores of any kind failed to even know what a Chia Seed IS...we decided to do something about it. These seeds are just too good to be relegated to some health-food store's expensive "Back Shelf" where no one will see them.
With obesity on the rise, and so many people tired of dieting and bombarded with chemcials in every-day foods, now is the perfect time to broadcast the message about chia seeds.

At first, of course, I was skeptical about them.
It seems like EVERY "new discovery herbal health fill-in-the-blank" has a list of promises a mile long. At best, one or two come true once you actually get the item though. Not so with chia. Chia is the first thing we could really *believe in* after trying it for ourselves. It really does do everything we've discovered and Written Chia Essays about.

Chia Seeds in the Smoothie
While I personally am not a person in need of weight-loss, I AM a person in need of more energy, less chemcicals and more flavor. When we obtained our first 1-lb of chia, we set about using it in the kitchen. At first, I just tested some seeds to see what the gel was like. (So strange and interesting!) then, drinking some seeds in with a flavored water. Well I ended up skipping lunch that day...they do keep you full...but that wasn't my goal.

Next, we tried some fruit smoothies.
I don't usually like "Mango + Orange" combinations...just not my favorite flavors. But with chia in there, the smoothie was FANTASTIC. (The smoothie is in the photo above, on the right) Now, I can't get enough. Of course, this was before we put together MySeeds...and so we eventually ran out of chia seed in the house. I tried the same Mango+Orange smoothie again and...the flavor just wasn't there.

It wasn't as good.

The smoothie just wasn't as tasty. The "kick" was gone. I was dissapointed. Had the fruit just been really ripe that one time? We went out and bought Chia again. Made that same drink again. The flavor returned. From that point on I was 100% SOLD on Chia Seeds. The smoothie test proved them to me beyond a doubt.

Since then, we've been able to create TWO of our new very-favorite cookie recipes.
The first being "Chip in every bite oatmeal" (which is included in our free recipe booklet) and the second being "Chia Crackle Snowball Chocolate Cookies". Light, never-greasy, and so packed with flavor. (we are all suckers for choclate, though)

Ever since, I've been determined to get the word out about these super seeds.
Everyone deserves to try the fantastic flavor, and get all the health benefits. I have found out that 'you are what you eat' and good health doesn't come in some chemical pill or over-processed food, it comes from natural super-foods like this one. You can't beat mother-nature for real flavor. If you're on the fence about Chia, come on over to where the grass is greener!