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MySeeds Chia Seed Photo Gallery

Need a closer look at the versatile, healthy Chia Seed?
Check out the chia with this great photo gallery. See the seeds, then see examples of what you can do with them when you use chia in fun recipes.
Chia Seed Black & White Size Chia seeds are very small.
They're only a little larger than a poppy seed. Every seed has a tiny pattern on the shell, of slightly different colors. Chia has 2 main colors 'white' which is mostly gray, tan & white, and 'black' which are actually dark brown, dark gray & black.
Each color of seed has its advantages, which is why MySeeds Chia mixes together both colors in every bag. For example, the black seeds have a higher level of "Anthocyanins" which are pigments plants use to create dark colors. These have anti-oxidant properties to help your health! (much like a dark fruit or berry would) If you would like to know more about the difference between black & white chia, use the Black & White Chia Article
Sprouted Chia Plant Chia will sprout if you plant it. You can eat the sprouts, so long as they are fresh and you know that they are free from pesticides or soil contaminants. The sprouts are healthy too! They have a slightly spicy flavor.

Chia will stay fresh for 2 whole years if you keep it in a cool, dry place. Our bags are ideal because they have an easy, re-seal-able top!

Chia Scoop Bowl Picture
Chia seed shell pattern Here, you can see the patterns on the outside of the seed shells. Each one is different. The water to the right is chia gel. It only takes 10 minutes to make chia gel! All you need to do is wet the seeds, and mix to prevent clumping.
Chia Gel Close Up Photo
Chia gel has no flavor, when you make it with filtered water. It can help to blend or sometimes magnify the flavors of food you add it to.

Chia can absorb 9 times its own weight in water (or other liquid) The fibers on the outside of the seed shell (they're clear, you can't see them here) hold the water in, and create the gel you see. This is called soluble fiber. It feeds probiotic (healthy) bacteria in the digestive system.

Chia Gel Pour Picture
Chia gel can be poured or scooped.

You can use it to replace butter in certain recipes. Chia gel won't change the taste or texture when you use it, and you can replace up to half the fat! It's so handy & because 1 tablespoon of dry seeds makes 9 tablespoons of chia gel, it's a great value too.

Chia Seed Better For you Desserts
Do you like the look of these tasty,colorful desserts?
They're ALL chia seed enhanced! Whether the chia is cutting the butter or oil in the cookies, making the chocolate crust cling together for the raspberry pie or thickening the red velvet cocoa-berries's always working for you! Chia has lots of fun uses making dessert more fiber-filled. Whether it's hot and fresh or cold and refreshing reach for chia recipes when it's time for a little something sweet.
Chia Seed Burger Montage
Chia and meat?
Sure, with these tasty burgers & cool chia topping recipes. Don't settle for just boring beef--when you add chia seeds, spices, herbs, and sauces to the meat you'll really power up your flavors. Remember: meat is a fiber-free food. By adding chia seeds you help lock in moisture, add fiber, and help the patty cling together. Enjoy burgers that are not only better for you, but more flavorful as well. Chia seeds are tiny so you won't even know they're there.
Chia seed drink variety photo
Chia isn't exclusive to just food and smoothies!
You can drink your way to quality daily fiber with these easy to make chia drinks. It works in hot tea (orange green tea & chai) as well as cold drinks like raspberry-hibiscus & your favorite iced tea with lemon. There are so many great flavors of tea, and fruit combinations that it makes saying "no" to soda even easier.
Chia helps you hydrate: the soluble fiber clings to the liquid of the tea, and disperses it in the intestines. This keeps foods moving smoothly through the digestive process. If you add a lot of chia to a drink, you can even use it as a meal/snack replacement thanks to chia's ability to keep you feeling full longer.