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Better For You Burgers & Surprising Pies
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Peach Salsa Burger

What sorts of tricks will you learn with this book?

  • How to keep turkey (with its dry reputation) moist and juicy
  • See those bright green key lime mini pies up there? NO food dye was involved, they're 100% natural...learn the secret inside!
  • Keep crusts crispy? Always, when you know how to coat the crust
  • Cut the fat, not the flavor when you use chia seeds in your burger toppings
  • Turn your favorite food flavors into burgers, like pizza, hot-wings, Thanksgiving & even mom's meatloaf
Tropical Pineapple Burger Vegetarian Burger With Guacamole Topping
You can see the Tropical Bean & Turkey burger above, with it's fun pineapple slice topping. (Why add black beans to a burger? Find out inside...) Then, look to the right at the thick, hearty patty. It's seasoned and topped with the fantastic crispy apple guacamole...can you believe it's vegetarian? It is!
Peanut Lover's Pie Pumpkin Mousse Chia Pie Get ready to have a blast with pies!
We've got flavors you can't find in any box mix, or inside any pre-packaged carton. Each pie has a different texture to enjoy.

Had pumpkin pie before? Well, how about pumpkin *mousse* pie? It's something lighter after a big meal AND there's a ginger-snap crust.

Raspberry Lover's Frozen Pie
The raspberry lover's pie may be frozen in it's chocolate wafer crust, but the light, fluffy texture is unlike any other in the book. All the color you see is 100% natural too, even the deepest red.
Serious peanut lovers only need apply...when making the Ultra Peanut Pie seen above. There are peanut & chocolate options galore so YOU can customize the flavors in this dessert.
This book is health concious:
You won't find any overly sugary, overly fatty or artificial-ingredient loaded recipes in here.

This book is time concious:
The busy schedules of today aren't like those of yesteryear. It's important to have meals & desserts you can prepare in a reasonable amount of time. Quick mix burgers & make-ahead freezer pies add convenience.

This book is a great way to use chia seeds:
Learn all the ways that chia helps with the consistency, flavor & ease-of-use in each of the recipes when you read the informative introduction. Chia makes everything a little bit better for you.

You can take a look inside, check out the Kindle Unlimited program, or learn more on Amazon.
How will you mix & match pies & crusts with the special "Crusts Only" section at the back of the book? When you pair different creative chia crusts with different pies, or your own pies, the possibilites just keep on coming.
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