Chia Seed Remedies Book Cover
Chia Seed Remedies
Just how many areas of your life could be improved with better nutrition?

Chia seeds are one of the easiest ways you can improve your nutrition. Because they have no flavor, you can mix them into almost any food you already enjoy, to add extra nutrients and fiber. This book will easily explain the various benefits you can expect with chia, and then provide recipes so you can see the benefits in action in your own life. The book gives you the facts & then demonstrates how to use these great seeds in combination with other ingredients to get the result you're looking for.
What's inside?
The book has 25 recipes with easy to use layouts, as you can see here. The recipes are for fats, every-day type meals, snacks & more. If something is tasty AND easy, it makes it that much more likely to be used again and again.
Chia Remedies book interior photo
What recipes will you be able to enjoy when you get this book?

Ultra Chewy Chocolate Chip Chia Cookies
Apple Chai Tea Chia Muffins
Veggie Chia Crunch Wraps
Carribian Mango Chia Slaw
Fiesta Bowl Dinner Salad
Chia Melon Berry Splash
Raspberry Poached Chicken Salad
Cool Chia Canteloupe Soup
Chia Beverages
And More!

Chia Anti Oxidant Fruit Salads Picture Chia Fresca Drink Photo Chunky Chia Tabbouleh
Here are 3 examples of foods you can make from this cook book. You can see Anti Oxidant Chia Fruit Salad, the classic Chia Fresca Drink & Chia Chunky Tabbouleh. *Book has no color photos inside.
What would improve your health?
Chia Remedies Book Interior Pages The recipes are just starter ideas to get you on the right path toward your desired health effect.

Weight loss:
Learn the specific methods you can use so that chia seeds help you lose weight and stop hunger.

Probiotic action:
What's a prebiotic? How do probiotics help your energy levels & digestive ability?

Thinking of becoming a vegetarian? Just want to cut down on meat? Chia has complete plant protien & so much more.

Trace minerals:
Tiny amounts of essential minerals can make a big difference in your health.

Better hydration:
Every body system needs water to function, how can chia help you stay hydrated?

Better digestion:
Fiber is an important part of digestion, and it's much more than just roughage. (This includes prevention of digestive issues like diverticulitus and acid indigestion.) Did you know it can help with cholesterol too?

Improvement of cholesterol levels:
Seeds really can help you with your cholesterol, and it's not just the healthy omega-3 oil.

If you're ready to go for better health and some super recipes, use the link to the left to grab Chia Seed Remedies now!

You can get the paperback OR Kindle E-Reader version from Amazon, the most trusted online book retailer.

Citrus Mousse Chia Pie Cool Canteloupe Chia Soup Cranberry Veggie Chia Salad Dressing
Even more of what you can make. Check out the Citrus Chia Mousse Pie with higher fiber chia crust, Cool Canteloupe Chia Soup for a healthy lunch or side on a hot day & the dinner salad with crunchy veggies, tasty fruits and Cranberry Chia Chunky dressing. *Book has no color photos inside.
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