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This MySeeds Chia Cook Booklet has big, full color photos & quick recipes to easily show you how to make your favorite foods lighter and healthier with chia. Also included are some great new recipes to add health and fun to your daily meals.

This booklet is full of color photos, illustrations and tips. The recipes are easy, but give you fantastic results! Just look at some of the examples of the foods you can make...

Does this look like some "diet" or reduced calorie bland food? No way! But this chocolate banana swirl bar is moist & tasty! Looking for a new spicy spin on burgers? Look no further than the Chia Basil Turkey burger...for health and taste you can't beat! These delicious and filling smoothies are great for breakfast, and have the power to keep you full and energized all the way till lunch time! They mix in just minutes, too!
Chia Banana Swirl Bars Thumbnail Basil Burger With Chia Olive Oil Aioli 3 Different Chia Seed Fruit Smoothies
Banana Swirl Bars Small Page Thumb Basil Burger Small Page Thumbnail Fun Chia Fruit Smoothie Page Picture
The booklet is in Adobe PDF format, for instant access. Print out the recipes you want to use, or open it on your kitchen computer.

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