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Recipe Calorie Counts
Learn the calorie counts for each recipe on the MySeeds recipe of the month club's selections. These calorie counts are an approximation of the calories in each item. They were calculated, but NOT in a lab. Keep in mind that portion size also affects the calorie amount. If you cut a larger slice of lasagna, for instance, you'll get a few more calories than the statistics here mention.

Are calories the only measure of good food?
Certainly not! It's not only the calories you eat, but the KIND of food as well. Some things that are low calorie aren't necisarily good for you. Be sure to read about the difference before you judge with: "What's in a Calorie?"

Whole grain chia crunch side dish Whole Grain Chia Crunch Side – Wholesome bulgur wheat adds flavor & nutrition
Zesty Lime Chia Salsa – Chunky colorful veggies taste great over meat, or as a side dish by itself
Whole Grain Crunch: 167 calories in 4 servings / Zesty Lime: 132 calories in 4 servings
If you Can be MEAT FREE
Ginger cookie close up photo Sparkling Ginger Cookie – Crackling cookie has half the fat of store-bought cookies
About 83 calories per cookie, if you make 35 cookies
Lemon veggie stir fry wok meal Lemon Chia Veggie Stir Fry – An easy meal made in just your wok (or skillet)
About 509 calories per serving, if divided into 2 servings
Super berry smoothie with chia Super Chia Berry Smoothie – Antioxidant rich berries are tasty & healthy
About 220 calories per serving, if divided into 2 smoothies
Can be Animal Product FREE * NO Wheat Dish
Chia orange rice easy side dish Chia Orange Rice – A simple side you can enjoy any time of the year, with or without meat
About 494 calories if divided into 2 servings
Can be MEAT FREE * NO Wheat Dish
Lower fat chia lasagna Lower Fat Chia Lasagna – All the Italian flavors you love, now in a lower fat version
About 440 calories per slice, if lasagna is divided into 10 slices
Carrot cake easy cookies Carrot Cake Chia Cookies – The flavor of a carrot cake, in an easy, fast & moist cookie
About 67 calories per cookie, if you make 60 cookies
Spicy orzo pasta side dish Spicy Orzo Chia Salad—Pasta, crisp vegetables & baby spinach come together for a fantastic dish
If you divide into 6 servings, it’s 221 calories per serving, if divided into 4 servings it’s about 332
MEAT FREE Dinner or Side
Blueberry cobbler with chia seeds Blueberry Chia Cobbler – Fresh or frozen berries mean you can enjoy this crusty dessert any time of year
About 192 calories per slice, if pan is divided into 9 slices
Chicken Chia Chili Mole Chicken Chia Mole Chili – Sophisticated (but easy!) 5 spice chili that’s less greasy & full of fiber
About 363 calories per serving, if you divide into 4 servings
NO Wheat Dish
Flourless Peanutbutter cookies Quick & Easy Chia Peanut butter Cookies – Gluten free! These are super simple & use no flour at all
About 113 calories per cookie, if you make 24 cookies
NO Wheat Dish
Strawberry kiwi chicken salad with pasta Strawberry Kiwi Chia Chicken Salad – A bright colorful cold pasta salad with lots of vitamin C
248 calories per serving, if divided into 4 servings
Ravioli chia dinner - easy & colorful 1 Pot Chia Ravioli Dinner – Easy meal for any night of the week that’s healthy & filling, without meat
335 calories per serving, if divided into 4 servings
Jicama Orange Salad—Learn to use this tasty root that’s full of healthy fiber & snappy crunch
About 157 calories per serving, if divided into 2 salads
MEAT FREE Side * NO Wheat
Lemon chiffon cake w/topping
Lemon Chia Chiffon Cake – Dreamy light-as-a-cloud cake with divine lemon flavor & special topping
About 238 calories per slice, if you cut the cake into 10 slices (un-topped)
Piccadillo joe sandwich Chia Picadillo Joes – Sloppy Joe? No, picadillo Joe! Seasoned sandwiches are hard to put down
About 242 per sandwich, if you make 6 sandwiches
Gingerbread chia low fat waffle Gingerbread Chia Waffles – The taste of warm gingerbread…at the breakfast table! Unique & tasty.
About 209 calories per waffle, if you make 7 waffles. Waffle size depends on waffle iron.
Slice pear garden wrap Pear Chia Garden Wraps – Fresh, light wraps are perfect for lunch or dinner. A hit with kids too!
About 401 calories per wrap, makes about 3 wraps
Energetic Orange Salad Orange Energy Chicken Chia Salad—This salad has everything you need to stay energetic through the day
About 465 calories if you divide into 2 BIG servings
Frozen chocolate & strawberry pie Frozen Strawberry Pie – The secret chocolate layer keeps this pie crisp & fresh
About 230 calories per slice, if the pie is cut into 10 slices
Chinese Chia Stir Fry Chinese Chia Stir Fry – Learn a different way to cook yams, and gain the healthy benefits (meat optional)
About 540 calories, if divided into 2 servings
MEAT Optional Dinner
Greek chia burger w/toppings Greek Chia Burger – Greek spices & toppings make for a cool change to boring burgers
489 calories per burger
Pepper Chia Burger – Roasted red peppers top this tasty turkey burger
412 calories per burger
Pineapple Cookie Close up Pineapple Chia Oat Cookies – Fast & easy cookie with lots of pineapple flavor & fiber from oats
About 93 calories per cookie, if you make 24 cookies
Strawberry Chef Salad Strawberry Chia Chef Salad – Thick delicious dressing is made with strawberry puree & a bit of heat
About 297 calories, if divided into 2 salads
Ginger Pineapple Oriental Style Dinner Ginger & Pineapple Chia Crunch Dinner – Lightly sweet & hot, crunchy & fun!
About 505 calories if divided into 2 BIG servings
Chilled chia apple pie

Chilled Chia Apple Pie – A no-bake pie where you’re in charge of the fun mix-ins!
About 158 calories per slice, if the pie is cut into 9 slices

Black Bean Chia Turkey Burger photo Chia Black Bean Turkey Burgers – All the burger flavor, but with only half the meat
411 calories per burger, if divided into 3 burgers
Colorful red cabbage side salad Colorful Cabbage Side Salad -- Crunchy, fresh & unusually flavored side salad
About 210 calories per serving, if you divide into 4 servings
MEAT FREE Side * NO Wheat
Pineapple Tropical Slaw -- Fresh with a little heat, easy any time of year. 106 calories per serving, 4 servings
Big 4 chocolate cookies Big 4 Chocolate Chia Cookies -- The chocolatey-est cookies we could bake! Still have half the fat.
If you make 30 cookies 143 calories per cookie
Peach & Bulgur wheat dinner Peach & Bulgur Chia Dinner -- Colorful, tasty & full of nutrients. Learn the benefits of bulgur wheat & enjoy.
Recipe makes 2 dinner servings. Calories calculated WITH chicken breast added: 558 per dinner serving
MEAT Optional Dinner
Red Velvet Chia Cookies With CreamCheese Middles -- Red velvet cake taste in an easy cookie. Instead of thick buttery/cream-cheese frosting, these have little middles that only add 7 calories per cookie. This recipe makes about 32 cookies with 63 calories per cookie.
Peppery Chia Panini Thumbnail Peppery Chia Paninis - Super sandwiches with sun-dried tomato topping. The choice of bread influences the calorie count. For example, a ciabatta bread (1 square roll) is 250 calories. Wide-cut French bread (shown here) is 100 calories per slice. Using the traditional "Panini Bread", the ciabatta, each sandwich will have about 373 calories.
Fresh Chia Lime Soup - Lightly cooked soup with great lime flavor. The beans and sweet potato make this hearty , but it is lower in calories & has 0 salt, unlike most canned soups. The salt content will depend on your choice of broth brands. Each bowl of soup will have about 308 calories
Watermelon Quinoa Chia photo thumbnail Watermelon Quinoa Salad - Fresh & delicious with healthy quinoa, and tasty strawberries. This makes a fairly large amount of salad. If you have 4 really big sides, it is 213 calories per larger serving. If you have 6 ordinary sized sides it is 142 calories per serving. MEAT FREE Side
New Waldorf Salad New-Waldorf Salad - A fresh look at "The Waldorf Salad". This uses a little bulgur wheat & some lentils, so it is filling even though it's meat-free. Lemon juice & zest add a splash of fresh flavor. This makes 2 big salads. Each salad will have about 377 calories MEAT FREE Dinner
Apricot Couscous Thumbnail Apricot Chia Couscous - This side dish is a little bit sweet, with dried aprictos & orange juice concentrate. Raw radishes add snap & ginger brings a little heat. With couscous, chia & greens, it's a filling side. This recipe makes 4 "big-side-size" servings. Each serving is about 253 calories. MEAT FREE Side
Rainbow Potato Salad - This colorful salad can be used as either a side, or a main dish. The bright colors from the potatoes, tomatos, corn & spinach all provide lots of healthy plant pigments. When you want to liven up your plate, this is a great salad for you. If you use it as a dinner, it makes 2 servings at 1012 calories each, but as a side it makes 4 servings with 506 calories each.
Spiced Apple Chia Cookies - Chewy soft cookies with 1 whole cup of fresh fruit, plus your choice of nuts & raisins. These easy cookies bake quickly & have 3 warm spices. For every 2 cookies there are about 106 calories. The calorie count will vary depending on if/which nuts you choose, or if you include/exclude the raisins.
What's in a calorie?
A calorie is just a measure of the energy stored in food. Fatty things like butter, or a steak, naturally have more calories, because fat stores more energy. However, staying healthy is more about what the calories you consume do FOR you, not just how many of them you eat.
Eating 200 calories worth of blueberries is naturally going to do your body more good than eating 200 calories worth of white bread. The same rule applies with protein, if you eat 50 calories of protein, none of it can be changed into fat by the body. Protein can only be used for energy. Fiber & water do not add to the calorie count of foods. Water, because it is 0 calorie, and fiber, because the body can’t break it down. With these recipes you'll quickly learn how chia uses both water AND fiber to keep you feeling full.

A similar rule applies with fats. Getting essential fatty acids from cold-water fish oil, avocado, olive oil or krill oil is better than trying to get them through fryer oil & French fries. This is why you’ll see butter used in several of the above recipes. Butter, made from an animal product, has more omega-3 fats (the healthier fat) than omega-6 fats. Margarine has more omega-6 (the less healthy fat).

So, when counting your calories, be sure that they're doing the most good for you!
These recipes strive to provide fantastic flavor in an easy-to-make format.