56 Fast Natural Chia Pops For Smarter Snacking Book Cover
56 Fast Natural Chia Pops
Smarter Snacking

Get ready for real fruit, real flavor & real fun!

Here’s a super selection of 56 chia seed & real fruit popsicles. These aren’t your super-market high fructose corn syrup laden treats, the majority are actually totally good for you! You’ll be amazed at the taste and nutrition in these quick, easy pops. Every single recipe has a photo & description so you know exactly what you’re getting before you make each one.

Exotic & Slightly Savory Popsicle
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56 Fast Natural Chia Pops For Smarter Snacking

Get ready for summer or any season with favorites like the Wacky Watermelon Slice, Banana Fudge Bar, Lean Green Tropical Pop, and Raspberry Tea Time.

Your favorite coffee & tea flavors appear too, with Mocha Caramel Latte & Chai Tea Relaxation. Everything from the familiar like Peachy Keen, to the exotic like Guava Coconut will keep you excited to try more recipes.

Just Peachy Pretty Ice Pop Guava Coconut Chia Seed Pop
Cherries Jubilee Popsicle Lean Green Chia Health Pop - Tropical!
Pomegranite Orange Chia Popsicle

You don’t need any special equipment, just a blender, food processor or mini chopper, some simple molds & you’re ready to go. These easy recipes are perfect for kids, or busy adults who want a healthy snack. Nearly every popsicle here is vegetarian, without added sweeteners. These taste fantastic with a selection of your favorite seasonal fruits, teas, coffee, and chocolate.

Frozen Raspberry Tea Treat
Chocolate Peanutbutter Stars Bar
You can't beat the value at $2.99! That's 56 recipes (not to mention, you can customize them too, and get even more) for under 3 bucks.
Plus, think of how many great healthier snacks you'll discover with recipes like guava coconut and cherries jubillee. The chia keeps you feeling full and adds two kinds of fiber. The fresh fruit gives you the sweetness you crave for snack time or desserts.
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