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Finally, a Real Edible Solution to Picky Eaters!
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From this picky eater to YOUR picky eaters, I remember what a hard time I gave my parents at the dinner table. I would hardly eat anything. Especially nothing green. And Meat? Forget about it unless it was chicken.

Any parent who has a picky kid not only has a hassle (What to cook? What to serve?) but also legitimate nutrition concerns. With the amount of refined foods that are packed with additives and artificial flavors/colors etc. as well as unhealthy choices overwhelming the market place and school lunch room, it can look like an impossible task to get the right nutrients into your child’s diet.

If your dinner table is the scene of a huge fight, or a trip to the fast-food restaurant more often than not, then please allow me to share this with you! Finally, there’s a safe, easy way to get kids to have the nutrition they need. And best of all,

It tastes like what ever your kids want it to!

As you know, the flavor of food is often the biggest hurdle for picky eaters. “It tastes gross!” “This smells terrible!” “I’m not eating THAT”. This can make variety impossible, or deprive them of a vegetable with powerful nutrients, just because it tastes terrible. (Broccoli, anyone?) But what if you could ensure your kids got:

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• Magnesium – 15 times more than Broccoli
• Calcium – 6 times more than whole milk
• Omega-3 – nearly 9 times the amount found in Salmon
• Fiber – more than flax seed & 2 times more than bran flakes
• Iron – nearly 3 times more than spinach
• Protein – more than soy
• Unlike fish, MySeeds have NO CHOLESTEROL

So what is this super solution that can give every day foods your kids already like to eat, like yogurt, or smoothies to a bowl of cereal a real nutritional & fiber boost?

MySeeds Chia Seeds.

MySeeds are Salvia Hispanica L. Seeds. They are 100% natural, and require no preservatives. (Why no preservatives, even with that healthy omega 3 oil? Because chia has a high anti-oxidant content, it keeps the oils fresh! Unlike flax or sunflower which can go rancid.) Zero artificial colors or flavors. Just pure nutrition, and ZERO flavor. The unique property of MySeeds is that they do not have a flavor of their own; they can only distribute flavors of foods they’re added to.

For example, if you add a spoon full of MySeeds to yogurt, and stir, they’ll take on the taste of the yogurt as the seeds hydrate. They do not absorb flavor, so you don’t have to worry about it tasting different once you add the seeds. The same goes for baked goods. (Learn more about Baking With Chia!) You can pour them into pancakes, muffins, breads, or anything your kids love. The flavorless seeds go down easy, because they taste just like what they’re in.

Can't get kids to eat KALE? That's not unusual. Kids are extra sensative to the bitter plant compounds in dark leafy greens. It's only natural that a bowl of salad isn't as attractive as a bowl of cereeal. But what if you could make it taste like chocolate?
It's not worth fighting over salad, when you can make spinach, kale or collards taste like a chocolate smoothie that kids actually want to drink.

The chia seeds unlock the healthy fat-soluble vitamins in the leaves (That's usually the job of oil based dressings) with their omega-3 oils.

Mix up this quick drink & there's no problem skipping the salad.

They want white bread, & hate whole grains: How will they get enough fiber?

Kids won't eat fish - but omega 3 oil supports healthy cell membranes in growing people

Lactose intolerance - it can happen at any time, but growing bones need calcium. Greens have calcium, but if they hate spinach...

Kids want the same thing all the time for lunch / dinner etc. but a variety of foods is important for good nutrition

Chia seeds have both soluble & insoluble fiber. Sprinkling them on a PB&J sandwich adds fiber without the grit of whole grain

Chia seeds have omega 3 oils, which are the same healthy oils in fish, without the fishy flavor

Chia seeds have more calcium by weight than milk, & the calcium in leafy greens (as in the smoothie above) is super bio-available

Chia seeds bring a variety of nutrients including magnesium, calcium, boron, anti-oxidants, & b-vitamins to almost any food.

When you have MySeeds Chia Seeds in the house, your days of worrying whether your kids are getting enough protein when all they want to eat is ” mac n’ cheese” are over! The protein is complete too (like that found in meat) So until your kids tastes grow up, you don't have worry about their nutrition. Don't let them fill up on junk food or fast food, take control of your family's nutrition now, for a healthy lifetime later.

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